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To celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day in 2004, the first of a number of exhibitions was opened, on the running theme of essential aspects of Ukrainian life: “Ukrainians – Way of Life”, “Folk Esthetics”, “Christian Ideals”, “National Sanctuaries”, “National Ethics.” These philosophic categories were portrayed in the exhibition halls through artifacts of folk art and material culture. Here, each object is not, as is usually accepted in national exhibition practices, an addition illustrating a specific historic context, but is an independent unit. In relation to the architectural and space configuration of the exhibition, all that is shown is united by a common conceptual and artistic idea, and carries significant informational and energetic potential, and is an integral means in multilevel communication. A minimal use of display fixtures, and the implementation of the newest multi-media resources together achieve the maximum effect in presenting the exhibitions to the public. They give visitors the sense of harmony and interaction within the space, and create an interest among the younger visitors in the culture of their ancestors. This encourages the perception of traditional Ukrainian folk culture as not something archaic or from baba’s dusty trunk, but as a modern concept, a basic element of the existence of a nation… All the visitors to the museum are invariably filled with gratitude to Ivan Honchar and his successors for saving these exciting treasures of Ukrainian art and culture. Numbers of visitors are constantly growing and it has become evident that the museum is in urgent need of more spacious premises, which would allow showing the versatility and richness of Ukrainian art and culture to the Ukrainians and to the world.

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