Web-project “Ukrainian culture”

Ukrainian Culture is an internet project intended to showcase authentic folk song, music, dance and traditions of Ukrainians. The goal of our project is to show the richness of unique and ancient culture and sophistication of folklore from various regions of Ukraine.

We are filming diverse displays of cultural identity of Ukrainian people in song, music, dance, tradition and rituals. The project shows ancient and modern interpretation of music and songs from individual artists and folk bands.

Share these videos of Ukrainian folklore with friends, family and colleagues from other cultures around the world.
Everyone has a unique opportunity to participate in the project.

You can find us on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter under the name of Ukrainian Culture.

Project’s curator Bohdan Poshyvailo.
Project’s author Taras Yavorskyi.

Contact us: +38(067) 408-13-95, +38(044) 360-01-45


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